Autism (ASC) and ADHD For Adults & Children

We are able to provide adults and families with advise and support for pre diagnosed ASC/ADHD or if you require a diagnosis then we would offer this service to you after we have met you for an initial consultation.


Initial Consultation Appointment - £150 (Book Here)


What can we assess and diagnose?


  • ASC/ASD - Autistic Spectrum Condition /Disorder including Aspergers
  • SCD - Social Communication Disorder
  • ADHD/ ADD - Attention Deficit and or Hyperactivity Disorder
  • ODD - Oppositional defiant disorder


Each diagnosis is allocated a Clinical KeyWorker, to provide one point of contact along the journey.


Our Multi-Disciplinary Diagnostic Assessment would include the following stages following an initial consultation.


After the initial consulation our clinicians' may recommend a full diagnostic assessment which would include the following assessments:


  • Psychological or Cognitive Assessment (A), (C)
  • Occupational Therapy Assessment (C) 
  • Speech and Language Assessments (C), (A)
  • School Observations - if required (C)
  • ADIR - Developmental interview (C), (A)
  • ADOS - Autistic Diagnostic Observation Schedule (C), (A)
  • Multi Disciplinary Team Formulation (C), (A)
  • Final Report & Feedback Session with your KeyWorker (C), (A)


(A) = Adult Assessment

(C) = Child Assessment


Total Cost: £1500 (A), £2500 (C)



Our reports are incredibly comprehensive, providing Psychology, Occupational therapy/ Sensory processing and Speech & Language assessment reports for true Multi-Disciplinary Diagnosis. Each report will include detailed guidence for support and recommendations.


After the initial assessment our Clinician will explain whether the screening warrents full diagnostic assessment or whether it may be more useful to recieve support from an Occupational Therapist, Psychologist or Speech and Language Therapist assessment on its own.


For more information or to make a referal please see our contact us details.