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Why might an Individual need to have a 'cognitive assessment'? 


Child Dyslexia

A cognitive assessment, sometimes called a full scale IQ assessment, can be useful for evaluating neurological strengths and weaknesses if you think an individual requires extra support.


We offer a range of accredited educational and cognitive assessments for both children and adults who are looking to find out more about their abilities and to get advice on how to maximise their skills, strengths and learning potential.


What cognitive assessments do you offer - and where?

We accept requests for appointments from both individuals, their families, or from professionals or schools as part of educational tribunal or medico-legal proceedings (Capacity Assessment). Our full assessment is accompanied by a hand written 15-20 page report that is recognised by schools, universities, exam boards, courts and employers.

Our educational specialist is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist (HPC, BPS, BDA & ACHIPPP registered) with more than 12 years working with children and adults. Appointments are carried out at our clinic in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, but we can also travel to your location for the assessment, at an additional cost. 


Individual Psychometric Cognitive Assessments (Full Scale IQ):


Cognitive Assessment usually lasts 2 hours followed by a 30 minute feedback session.  Assessment includes a detailed cognitive profile, details of strengths and weaknesses across different aspects of intelligence as well an overall I.Q. score. If you are concerned about dyslexia, written language attainments can also also be explored including reading and spelling attainment ages and error analysis.


This Cognitive Assessment is very comprehensive, detailing a full cognitive functioning profile. Strengths and weaknesses are clearly illustrated; it will highlight issues with processing speed, working memory, verbal reasoning, spatial skill and much, much more. The report also includes diagnostic comments and detailed suggestions and guides for remediation. 


Cost: From £575*


To book an assessment appointment or for further information on any of our services, please get in touch using our Contact Us Page

* Travel and preperations charged may apply.