Play Therapy


Play Therapy is based on the theory that playing is a child's natural way of learning, communicating and making sense of the world around them. It is a non-directive and child centred form of therapy where the child leads and the therapist follows. 


Play Therapy can be used as a theraputic method to help a child cope with emotional stress and trauma. It allows a child to express and ultimately resolve underlying issues that are causing them problems at home or school. 


Common types of problems that play therapy can help with include;

  • divorce, separtion and confliction
  • having witnessed domestic violence
  • trauma, incluing physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • being in care
  • stressful experiences such as loss of a loved one 


Play Therapy consists of using all the creative arts to allow a child to channel their energy, anxieties, fears and problems into play, in a safe place with the help of a therapist.It is a means of helping a child express what they cannot put into words.  

This could include;

  • visualisation
  • story telling
  • role play
  • movement 
  • art 


Sessions at The Family Psychologist would take place in a quiet and relaxed room at our clinic in Kidderminster. 


Cost: £60 per 45 minute session 


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