Speech & Language Therapy and Assessments (SALT) - Kidderminster, Worcestershire


Who needs our support?

People who have Speech and Language difficulties may experience difficulties with; attention & listening skills, play skills, speech delay/disorder, understanding words, putting words together to make a sentence, social interaction, sensory processing difficulties and cognition and learning difficulties.


How can we help and support your child?



Here at the Family Psychologist our Speech and Language Therapists use the latest formal

assessments in order to understand and support a child's Speech, Language and Communication Needs.


An assessment session will typically be less than an hour and 30 minutes. Our speech and language therapist will usually start by talking to you about your child's early history and development and gathering some information about your concerns. The assessment they do will look at how well your child's speech and language skills are developing compared to what we would expect for a child of their age.


Once your child has been assessed by the Speech and Language Therapist you will be provided with a detailed report regarding your child's Speech, Language and Communication Needs. In addition to this,the report will contain advice on how you can best support your child and whether therapy intervention is necessary.


£350 Per Assessment



It is common that child receive direct 1:1 therapy/intervention from a therapist after assessment in order to support your child’s needs. We offer a range of therapy interventions depending on your child's needs

which include;


  • Auditory memory - Supporting a child's memory in order to retain and recall information they hear.
  • Colourful Semantics - A therapy approach aimed to develop a child's understand of the meaning of words and subsequently developing their expressive language skills in primary aged children or children with learning difficulties.
  • Social/Interaction Therapy - A therapy approach that teaches children conversation skills, understanding emotions and learning language skills.
  • Speech Therapy - Helping children with speech/articulation problems.
  • Lego Therapy: Group intervention - Lego Therapy promotes the development of a range of skills such as; joint play, listening and attention, turn taking, negotiation and joint problem solving and language skills.


£80 - Per Session


Education/Home Support

Home support programme can be offered? When parents practice the therapy at home with the child and given resources? This is often done with speech difficulties.


£80 - Per Session plus Travel


We can commissioned by school support your children once they see the report they can request a school visit.